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Trump’s Pick to Lead ICE Once Compared Him to Dennis the Menace

Trump’s Pick to Lead ICE Once Compared Him to Dennis the Menace

 Trump’s Pick to Lead ICE Once Compared Him to Dennis the Menace

Ronald Vitiello is President Trump’s chosen one to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Vitiello has been filling in as Acting Director of ICE since July, yet should be affirmed by the Senate with the end goal to go up against the activity formally. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee was required to cast a ballot on Vitiello’s affirmation this week.

However, on Wednesday, a gathering of associations sent a letter to the advisory group, raising “worries” about Vitiello, as indicated by the Washington Post. One of the main concerns they raised was Vitiello’s state of mind toward the president.

It appears that in 2016, Vitiello retweeted an image contrasting Trump with Dennis the Menace. (Trump wasn’t president at the time.) Vitiello erased the tweet, yet there are still screen captures of it, here, and more here.

The Post reports that, in a letter to Committee seat Ron Johnson, a gathering of association pioneers said that they were “worried” about the way that Vitiello had shared the picture contrasting Trump with the fiendish animation character. The letter likewise stated, “The chosen one to be considered by the Committee, Mr. Ronald D. Vitiello, has just been with ICE for a brief timeframe, and keeping in mind that this letter neither backings nor restricts his selection to be our Director, we know about a few issues that give us genuine worry about him.”

Vitiello Also Once Compared the Democratic Party to the KKK

Vitiello once contrasted the Democratic Party with the KKK. The tweet has been erased however the screen capture endure.

In 2015, Vitiello made a “joke” about the Democratic Party. Vitiello was tweeting back at moderate anchor person named Mark Levin. After Levin requested that his adherents concoct new names for the Deomcratic Party, Vitiello answered, “liberalcratic party or the NeoKlanist party.”

The tweet came up amid Vitiello’s affirmation hearing this month, when Senator Gary Peters got some information about it. Vitiello said he lamented the tweet yet additionally demanded that it was implied as a joke and had been sent from his private record. “It’s essential and I comprehend the gravity, it was implied as a joke I wasn’t endeavoring to do something besides make a joke. I think twice about it,” he said.

Vitiello hasn’t tweeted since June of this current year. He turned into the acting head of ICE in July, so it’s conceivable that Vitiello has been remaining off of internet based life since he wouldn’t like to arrive himself in boiling water once more.

Vitiello started working for ICE in 1985, in Laredo, Texas. He progressed toward becoming Deputy Chief of Border Patrol in 2010, and after that Acting Chief in 2015.

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