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Shawn Mendes: ‘I’m Not Gay’

Shawn Mendes: ‘I’m Not Gay’

Shawn Mendes: ‘I’m Not Gay’

Shawn Mendes graces the front of December 2018’s Rolling Stone Magazine.

Among the subjects examined in the article is his apparent sexuality.

“In the back of my heart, I have a feeling that I have to run be seen with somebody — like a young lady — in broad daylight, to demonstrate to individuals that I’m not gay,” Mendes revealed to Rolling Stone.

Per UPROXX: Mendes revealed to Rolling Stone that he much of the time looks through his own name on Twitter and has seen remarks implying that he is gay.

He was likewise panicked for Taylor Swift to post a video of him wearing sparkly eyeshadow backstage since it would just “feed the fire.”

Mendes additionally remains up late concentrate his own non-verbal communication in meetings. At the same time, he gives careful consideration of what he needs to do to not appear to be female. “Despite the fact that in my heart I realize that it is anything but an awful thing,” he said.

“There’s as yet a bit of me that believes that. What’s more, I loathe that side of me.”

In 2016, Mendes, at that point 17, put out a video through Snapchat in June 2016 to tell people that he wasn’t gay. “I know 99% of you folks aren’t making presumptions like this,” he said.

“In any case, this is only for the 1% of you that are. I simply need you folks to know under the steady gaze of you judge somebody in transit they talk or act to think ‘Hello, possibly I shouldn’t pass judgment on somebody’ or ‘Hold up it really doesn’t make a difference.'”

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